Surprise Grandpa and Grandma!!

What a fun fun day!! This morning I had an appointment with an admissions counselor at the University Of Pheonix to talk about finishing my Associates Degree online. She said I was eligible for financial aid so I went ahead and filled out the application and we will see where it goes! I'm so excited to go back to school and finally get that piece of paper:0)
Afterwards we headed up to the Elementary School that Jameson's mom "Grandma Jody", works at to surprise her. We walked in her classroom with Blythe and she was so happy!! She whisked Blythe away and showed her off to all the kids in her class. They all laughed and shouted with excitement, I was afraid that 'B' would get startled and start to cry, but she did great. She smiled and waved her hands up and down, she couldn't get enough. After we went with Jody to grab a quick bite and then she went back to teaching. We headed over to the High School where Jameson's dad, "Grandpa David", works, (yep they are both teachers), and surprised him. Blythe just smiled and drooled for all the kids that oohed and awed over her. I'm so glad that she enjoyed it and I love taking her out to experience new things.
Jameson started a new job yesterday and officially goes out in the field tomorrow. He's working as a security guard for and independent contracting company, and he gets to wear a 'rent-a-cop' outfit. Complete with a badge and a golden whistle. He's so embarrassed to wear it, but he's grateful to have a job so I'm hoping all will go well. We are so blessed that he found one as soon as he did. The way the economy is going simply scares me to death!! I'm trying now to get all of our debt paid off and food stored away, just in case. 
That's it for now....

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