Golden Spike, Crazy Stores & Mystery Illness...

So, we are still going up to our little 'adventures' this summer and our next stop was the Golden Spike out at Promitory Point. I've lived in Utah my whole life and have never been out there, and since Jameson has, he thought it would be a fun trip. It was really interesting to read about the meeting of the railroads and about the workers and everything.  It was so hot so we didn't spend too much time out by the trains, but we were just in time for the 'Steam Demonstration', where they would move the trains and blow the whistles.  And as you can tell by the pictures, one minute Blythe  was entranced by the steam and having a good time, and the next minute when the whistle blew, needless to say, she was not happy. Poor girl. After we left the point we planned to eat at Maddox, but when we got up there we were so sad to find out that they are closed on Mondays!! :o( So we wandered over to Smith & Edwards Country Boys store, it's really the funniest place ever! They had everything from old Army uniforms to circus peanuts. Too funny. But they did have a bunch of old school penny candy I haven't seen in awhile. Fun day!
This past week has been a bit hard though, on Wednesday Jameson had a sore throat and fever, and had to call in sick to work on Wednesday and Thursday, and was feeling better Thursday night, then woke up around 1am with a horrible stomach ache, that kept him up for the rest of the night. I was worried because it takes a lot to keep him awake, so I knew he was really hurting. On Friday he slept all day and ran a fever for most of it. I had to wake him up every few hours or so and make him drink water or Gatorade and give him some Tylenol, poor guy, I felt so bad! Luckily he slept through the night and woke up this morning feeling a little better but I still made him lay low, so we will have to see. He thinks it's food poisioning and I'm hoping so, not that I want him to be sick, but I'd rather it not spread and get Blythe sick, whatever it may be. So I've been super diligent about washing hands and cleaning the house, so prayers for Jameson's recovery, and health for Blythe and Mommy are welcomed :o) 

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Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

Your little girl is so adorable. Too cute! It looks like your having a fun summer. Sorry about the mystery Illness??? I hope it gets better and you have fun while your on vacation!