Top Ten Things I've Learned From My Toddler

10. My naptime will last as long as I decide, it's not up to the schedule I tricked you into thinking I was on last week.

9. Peas and Green Beans look better in my hair than in my stomach.

8. Everything in this house is here for me to play with, yep, EVERYTHING! 

7. You are only allowed to hold me, no other babies are allowed in your arms!

6. Contrary to what you may think, I CAN feed myself!

5. I know how much you love laundry, so it's my pleasure to give you a load a day, and I know that you love to refold and refold, so you are welcome for pulling everything out of the basket when you are done.

4. No, bananas were my favorite YESTERDAY!! Duh!

3. Screaming, just because I can, is only fun when it's time to be quiet.

2. I have Daddy totally wrapped around my little finger!

And the number one thing I've learned from my toddler...
1. I purposely wait until you take the diaper off to pee, just to see the look on your face!! :o) 

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Chris and Lesley said...

This is SOOOO true! How are you feeling?