Pierced Ears, Management, & Childlike Innocence.....

Well, I finally broke down and got Blythe's ears pierced! I've wanted it since she was a baby cause I always thought it looked so cute, but I've been so afraid of how bad it would hurt her. So I talked to a few of my friends who've little girls have had it done and all of them told me the same thing. They only cry for a second and more because they are startled than hurt. And as for mom, if you can handle when she gets her shots, then this is a walk in the park. Yeah, Blythe only cried for a second, but I was horrified!! I had to sit her on my lap, hold her across her chest, and her fore head so she couldn't move. She started screaming before they even got the little guns up to her ears, but it was over in a second, and she stopped crying a minute later. And it was well worth it cause it look so so so cute!! And she's so good because she knows they are there but hardly ever touches them. I'm glad I did it! I tried to take a good picture of them, but it's hard to get her to hold still long enough. I will have to post one when I can get her to hold still!
Good news on Jameson's work front, he's been working at the Courtyard for almost two months now and he loves it. Well, they seem to love him because last week he got a pretty nice raise, and his boss told him he's going to start sending him to business management training next year. So yay!! I'm so happy for Jameson and he's thrilled himself. He works so hard for our family, and I'm grateful that he's getting the recognition he deserves. 
This is sort of random but I thought I would post it because it was so dang cute! On Friday my brother and his two kids, me, my mom and dad and my sister's little boy Conner all came up to help mom and dad cut down the tree on their front lawn that died awhile back. While my brother was working the chain saw, they little boys Conner (4),  and Jake (5), were hauling the branches over to the driveway. And while I was doing what I do best, sitting on my butt and telling everyone what to do, I witnessed the following conversation:

Jake: "Conner, after this you should come to my house and play with my scooter."

Conner: "Ok, if I come to your house will you be my best friend?"

Jake: "I will let you ride my scooter down the street."

Conner: "Ok, but will I be your best friend."

Jake: "Conner you are my best friend."

Conner: "Then you should buy me a scooter." 

My mom and I were trying so hard not to laugh so we didn't interrupt this interlude, ahhhh, to be a child again. Speaking of which, I just thought I would throw in here that we got Guitar Hero and I simply cannot get enough of it!! It's to the point the my carpol tunnel has flared up cause I play it so much!! I LOVE IT!! 
I hope everyone is enjoying the changing seasons, and loving the cooler weather!


Heather said...

how cute! i love pierced ears on little girls! I have been trying to decide when to do Brielle's but can't decide. way to be brave and just do it!

Nicole *Ü* said...

K, it's really hard to read your blog now through the freaky Jack O'Lantern. LOL All I got from this post was the cute story about MY son!! :o)

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