Relief, Lack Of Meat, And A Tad Bit O' Sadness...

After this past week of illness that has swept through our home, we have slowly but surely, been getting back to normal. I've been going through and scrubbing everything down, sanitizing, washing everything that can be laundered if I think it was touched, and airing out all the rooms best I can without freezing my family out to death. I've also been feeling better day by day, and trying to get rest when I can. Blythe has also been feeling a little better over time, but today she woke up and was truly herself which made me sigh a huge sigh of relief. She's not quite eating as much I would like, but she was chattering away all day and didn't feel like she needed to be right next to my leg the whole day, instead she would go into her playroom and hang out. Yay!! I'm just glad it's over and hope this is it for the 'flu' season. 
And since having the flu, all of the sudden anything meat sounds really gross to me. So I think that I'm going to swear it off for a bit. It's not because I don't think animals should be eaten, by all means I'm all for it. I just think my tummy agrees with it anymore and we are just going to stick with fish and veggies for a bit. I know, totally random.
Speaking of random, snow!!! I woke up this morning and there had to be six inches on the lawn! I couldn't believe it! Where did the summer go? Let alone fall? Was there even a fall? I didn't see it! Well I figured it's probably safe to put Blythe's shorts and summer clothes away, and I couldn't help but feel sad because I love all of it, and I won't be able to see her in a lot her cute outfits again :o( I guess I will just have to have another girl! 

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