Lesley and XBox 360....

So through Facebook and reconnected with a good friend from my days at Snow College. She lives up in Logan so it's been hard to get together but yesterday she had to come to Salt Lake for a meeting so we got to meet up for lunch! We had so much fun reminiscing about all the goofy things we used to do and the good memories we made. Blythe just loved her and I'm so glad we could finally connect. 
Ok, as a word of warning to anyone looking to purchase and XBox 360, DON'T!!! We have had ours for about a year and it just stopped working. So I called customer support and they set up a work order and said it was still under warranty so they would email me a shipping label so I could send it in for repair. Well nothing ever came, so I called them again and they said they would email it again. I had to go out of town the next day, and when I came back, I went to print it off and it said it had expired. SO, Jameson called them again and they said they didn't see a work order at all, they would set another one up, and asked for his credit card number! Jameson reminded them it was still under warranty so he waited on hold for an HOUR, and finally got to talk to a supervisor who set up the work order, and said he would email a label out. 
Well, no label came. Jameson called again, ok we will email another one. No label. After going through that circle THREE more times, Jameson called and asked what was going on and the woman on the phone said there was no work order set up, and she would set up another one, could she have his credit card number. Now, I have never seen my husband get angry, but he just lost it. He asked to talk to a manager, and she kept saying she would just help him if he would giver her the credit card number and the other information. He practically had to beg to talk to a manager for a half hour, then she put him on hold for 1 hour and 24 minutes!!! A manager finally came on and said 'I see the notes here that it is still under warranty and I will make sure a label gets out to you'. Jameson was like, you see the notes? The first lady he spoke with said there was no work order!!! UGH!! So here we wait, for another label. Yup, we paid all this money for this XBox, and the warranty, and we are getting no help!! I have decided that if we don't see a label by tomorrow morning, then I am getting Gephardt on their butts!! Wish us luck!! And don't buy and XBox 360 :o)

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I Love her...she is so stinkin cute