Self Portrait....

So, every time someone mentions my blog, they always say, 'we see Jameson and Blythe, but where are you?' Well folks. This is for you. My self portrait. Nothing glamourus, not spelled right, but it's me. 
And lately I've been thinking about self confidence and how important it is to our daily survival. So, I'm making my own tag, and I'm starting with myself. 
1. Take a self portrait and post it.
2. Write five of your favorite things about yourself, whether they be physical, mental, skills, etc.
3. Write one goal that you have set for yourself and accomplished.
4. Tag three of your friends.
Hopefully all of you see yourselves the way that I do, as amazing women!!! So yeah, don't hesitate, JUST DO THE TAG!!! 
Here's Mine.....
My favorite things about myself:
1. My eyes, I heart them because they come from my mommy
2. My sense of humor, I think I'm pretty funny
3. I think I have great hair, it's nothing like it used to be, but it's still there and that's got to account for something
4. My organized linen closet
5. My cleaning skills, I can de-sanitize with the best of 'em.

I tag EVERYONE!!! 

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