Are You Kidding Me?!?!

It's been an interesting week. I was scheduled for my hysterectomy on the 13th. Things were right on track, I was getting things ready both emotionally and physically and it just felt right. Then the Wednesday before I woke up in the morning not feeling my best. I just thought it was because I hadn't eaten yet, but as the day went on, the ache in my abdomen became progressivley worse, stronger in one specific area, and I spiked a fever. I talked to my dad who was afraid that it was my appendix by the symptoms I was showing so he suggested that I go see the general surgeon at the clinic he works at. 
So we headed up there and after the surgeon ran some tests, he wasn't absolutley convinced that it was my appendix but since I was in such a great deal of pain, and still had a fever, he addmitted me to the hospital for observation. To make a long story shorter, the next morning and he ran some more tests and since my white count jumped %20 he said my appendix had to come out. And four hours later I went into surgery. I was hoping that they could just do the hysterectomy at the same time but he said that the risk of infection was too great so that would have to wait. But he didn't see why I couldn't still have it when we were scheduled the following week.
Well, I spent another night in the hospital and when I released we headed over to the clinic for what I thought was going to be my pre-op appointment for my hysterectomy. After waiting in the waiting room for two hours, yeah not so lovely with fresh scars, my OB told me that he just didn't feel comfortable doing the hysterectomy so soon after an appendectomy. GAWR!!!!!! If my appendix just could have waited for five more days, then I could have this all over with. 
Anyways. We rescheduled for the 27th. I know you all are thinking why am I so excited to have surgery? I'm not excited to have surgery, I'm excited to feel better. So that's where we are now. Recovering from surgery, and getting ready for the next one. And hopefully, it's my last. 

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Heather said...

good luck! and that sucks....two surgeries! but thank goodness for modern medicine!