It's Ok, I'll Read It By Myself.

So I've been pouting and not writing on my blog, cause I rarely get comments and I figured that nobody reads it so yeah, I had a little 'nobody likes me' pity party for myself and then I pulled my head out and came back to update my blog. 
The biggest thing going on in our world is Blythe is officially walking! We've had a ton of false alarms, but it's as true as ever now. She's not only walking, but running, and I can hardly keep up with her these days. She's so funny cause now she won't let us carry her, she will wriggle her way out of our arms, or do my favortie, the 'dead weight' until we put her down. Where did my little girl go??? Time flies my friends.


Amy said...

Just so ya know... I check your blog almost everyday. I just suck at commenting. Really.

The VanderToolens! said...

I totally know that feeling! Meagan hates being carried!

April said...

Elisabeth does the same thing with wanting to walk. She just yells "down, down, down" and squirms until we drop her. She is good at holding hands. That saves us walking through parking lots!