Today I packed Blythe up and headed out to the Gateway to meet two of my oldest friends, by old I mean the ones I've had the longest, for lunch. The three of us have not been together in same room for almost twelve years. We first met, and Heather so lovingly pointed out, TWENTY YEARS AGO!!! It all started when our mommies introduced us and we began walking to school together. A tradition that lasted another four years. Now we are married, have kids, and get to be grown ups. But as we talked I could only remember, Misty's yellow and white striped bag, Heather's dance stories, and hoping I would hear the doorbell when they came. It was so good to see you ladies!


Misty said...

You remember so much more than I do!

It was a great time together! Thanks for the picture and fun times.


Heather said...

awww.....so much fun! Thanks again girls!

Heather said...

p.s. I copied your pictures to put on my blog. :) hope you don't mind! have fun in Cali!!

April said...

20 years ago! Wow!

I was a little later but glad I got to spend the majority of growing-up years with you guys!