Happy Birthday Conner!

Today is Conner's birthday. He is my youngest nephew. Turning the ripe old age of five. Five years ago today I was driving up the I-15 North to get to the hospital in time to see him come into this world. Ten minutes to my destination, the freeway closed, detour, I missed it. I met Conner Edward when he was 18 minutes old. He smelled like lemon Pez. 
Conner I love you. I love your little face, your kisses you give me on my cheek, your willingness to help, your big heart, which I'm surprised fits in your chest. Your love of fruits and veggies inspires me. Eat cake today

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Nicole *Ü* said...

What the heck? Lemon Pez?? ROFL He's a doll. I think I'll keep him! :D