Cuz I'm Stressed, That' Why!

I do this thing. It's weird. 
Whenever I am really stressed about something.
Feel unsettled. Depressed. Unorganized.
I get a haircut. 
This one way a doozy.
Ten and a half inches gone. Yes, my hair was that long, yet no one would know it. Twas always up.
But I got to donate it, so there's a plus. 
I'm acting like I don't like it. When in fact I am thrilled with the way it turned out. 
My hair is something that I always have control of. I can fix it in seconds. 
It's always the color I want, the length I want, and the style I want. 
Control is something that makes me feel safe. 


Hales Family said...

I do the exact same thing! My current length is the result of a miscarriage, followed by school stress, and Kevin's company's issues. But hey, I felt better!

It's way cute by the way. I love it!

April said...

Don't be stressed!

I love the hair cut!

Chris and Megan said...

You are adorable! I miss talkin to you. Guess who I'm taking care of at my new job? Thats right, our best pt ever.

Lisa said...