A Certain Chapter.

This weekend me and my little fam traveled with the inlaws to St. George to enjoy a nice little getaway for a few days.
It's the first time I've been back since I packed my Malibu to the brim and bid farewell to some dear dear friends and treasured memories almost six years ago.
I've driven past a few times, stopped an filled up once or twice, but not taken time to linger in this city I once called home.
Coming down here I didn't think much of it. I just kept saying "Oh I can show you where I used to live, work, eat and so on...." or "It's going to be hot as hell!!"
I think it's hotter.
But the strangest thing happened.
As we pulled off the exit I was overcome with emotion and just broke into tears.
This sweet city holds so many memories for me.
I found myself here. I made true friends here. I fell in love here. I lost love here. I learned some lessons, made mistakes, have regrets, left a piece of myself here.
I think tomorrow I'm going to take a little drive down memory lane.
Stay tuned......

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Kassidy and Beau said...

We are so sorry we missed you! Please let us know when you guys come down next!