The Bug.

We got it.
Not necessarily swine, but we are sick.
It's a total bummer because I had tons of stuff planned for this week.
Halloween is my Christmas and I wanted it to be a blast for Blythe.

Have you ever tried to entertain a sick toddler while you yourself are also ailing?
Not an easy feat my friend.
So here is the plan.
Watch movies, read stories, drink lots of oj, and lay low for the next week.
Then make our debut on Halloween.
She's gonna be a chicken.

Oh yeah.....we got these pics in before the bug came.

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Nicole *Ü* said...

Yeah, sorry, but I don't want you around my pregnant self or my kids 'til everyone in your family's better. LOL Love you dearly, but please don't share with me! :D I hope you guys are all starting to recover!! These are way cute pics of Blythe in Halloween regalia. Little turkey. Glad she's finally starting to like me a little bit.