What More Can I Say?

This morning I was going through all our pictures in IPhoto attempting to organize them when I came across this....

I took this picture one afternoon back in July.
I was sitting on the bench in our driveway
watching Blythe push her stroller back and forth when I looked up and
saw my niece Sydney making her way over to us
but not before she stopped to take a look at all the flowers.
I'm so glad I had my camera so I could snap a quick pic.
She looked up right after and wouldn't let me take anymore.
Really, what more can I say?

1 comment:

Nicole *Ü* said...

HOLY CRAP!! Where is that? That doesn't look like anything around here! Um, yeah, you MUST inform the mother of the child when you have an awesome photo like this. LOL Oh yeah, and print it out and GIVE IT TO HER!!!