Check Out These Gems...

Remember these?
This morning I was helping my mom go through some old things when these little yellow gems of learning showed up!
I used to listen to these all the time growing up!
One day when I can afford it I want to buy the CD set for Blythe.
Sadly only one of them still works, but I unscrewed them and took out their guts because I can't bear to throw them away.
So I'm going to come up with some nifty way to keep them while at the same time not turning them into more crap that I can't seem to throw away.
Stay tuned!

Come along to the land of obey....

You would only get that if these were also a part of your childhood :)


Lesley said...

Ha Ha!! I TOTALLY know what those tapes are all about! I grew up listening to them too. My mom made me listen the the happiness one all the time! If you know where to get them on CD - PLEASE let me know!!

Laci, Jonn and Kaden said...

Oh my goodness!!! I loved those tapes!!! Listened to them all the time!! How fun....I would not throw them away either :)

Nicole *Ü* said...

Nice!! I actually hated those because she would MAKE us listen to them. LOL Without my rebellious, you can't make me listen to these things mom attitude, though, they're probably really good. LOL