I've been spending a little time,
okay a lot of time,
okay fine,
too much time,
reading the blogs of some very talented women.
And it's inspired me to
one, clean up my craft room,
and two, make some things.
Here's just a few things I came up with.

This is a wall hanging.
It's missing something.
I just haven't put my finger on exactly what that is yet.
Any suggestions?

I'm quite proud of this one.
Another wall hanging, or it could maybe go on a doorknob.
I made it entirely out of scraps I had left over from other projects.
This is also a card I made out of scraps.
It's kinda cute yeah?
I could seriously spend all my days doing this.
Blythe sure is lucky she's so dang cute and such a good kid.
Or I might trade her on the black market for scrapbook supplies.

Just Kidding.

Kind Of.

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