Hello Mr.Claus

I'm a huge fan of tradition.
I think having a few big traditions in a family is very important.
One of ours is the annual grandkids Santa picture.
Every year we gather all the kids up and take a trip to the mall to meet Santa.
Usually there is one screamer. But this year, no one screamed. Everyone smiled.
Except Katie, she lacks the ability to.
She's only two weeks old.
Blythe was so excited!

She didn't really know what was going on, but was having a blast none the less just being with her cousins.
I was nervous how she was going to act around Santa but she LOVED him!!
He kept putting her down off his lap while he talked to her cousins and she kept climbing right back up there!
Afterwards while Nana ordered the pictures we took all the kids over the mall play area and let them loose.

Fun was had by all.
Love tradition.

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