Because I Love Them!

I love avocados.
Heart them immensely.
But I'm allergic to them.
I never had a problem until I was 19.
Then all of the sudden, I ate guacamole one day,
and this huge bump appeared on my lip:

And it stays for a good three hours or so.
It makes me look a bit like Quasimoto.
Sanctuary!!! Sanctuary!!!
This picture was taken about five minutes ago.
I had a California Roll.
(With Avocado)
When I pointed it out to Jameson, he said,
"Why do you eat them??"
I'm confused....
What do you mean 'why'?

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Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

Oh my gosh! I feel your pain! I'm now allergic to my favorite food in the world, peaches (they cause me to stop breathing). Avocados are a close second, and likewise I am newly allergic to them (I get a food poisening-type reaction where I throw up and feel like I'm gonna die). My lips do the same thing as yours with an allergy, but for me it's from bananas, also a new allergy. What the heck?! Any time I see someone eating peaches, guac, or bananas I am so jealous, and maybe a little bit angry at them. No fair.