Maybe Next Month...

As one of my goals for the year I stated better health.
We are not off to a great start.
I've had a stomachache for the past six months.
I went to the Dr. yesterday.
Kay I'm going to be totally open here.
Here we go.....



Webster's Dictionary:
colonoscopy (kō'lə-nŏs'kə-pē) Pronunciation Key Inspection of the interior surface of the colon with a flexible endoscope that is equipped to obtain tissue samples and inserted through the rectum.

yeah, Monday morning. AND.
Just in case it isn't going to be a glorious enough of a day I get do have an endoscopy too!



Laci, Jonn and Kaden said...

Oh you poor thing!! I have had one before and I have to get another one and I keep putting it off!!! Its the worst!!! Although I hear they made the stuff you have to drink a lot better than it used to be!!! You are in my prayers!! I guess this was a little reminder that I should get my bumm in gear and get one too!!! uhhhh!!! I feel your pain :)

peckette said...

I am so sorry, I don't know if I could have someone else put a foreign object up there! Good luck! Love ya!

Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

Ok, I love your blog. And we're definitely meant to be friends. Every post tells me this. I've had both of these tests. Not fun. They pretty much suck. Just think of me, and know that I feel your pain, and that you're not alone. I'm sorry you have to do this stuff :(