On My Mind Today...

I'm aching for Spring. I'm tired of being stuck inside.
And I know Blythe wants to be outside too.

My heart hurts for the people of Haiti.
I wish I could do more to help,
but I'm so grateful for those who can and do.

I'm torn on how to use the gorgeous fabric I found the other day.
(Heart you Cosmo Cricket)
I have about three different projects in mind.

Blythe's cold is back.

My sweet Grandpa passed away a year ago today.
My grandma really misses him.
I can't imagine life without the one I love.

Candlelight dinner with Jameson tonight.


peckette said...

1. That fabric is so cute! You should make me somthing with it! :)
2. Your grandpa was so cute, and so handsome!
3. How romantic! Have a wonderful time with your hubby!

Michelle said...

Ditto to the first comment on all three! I want to know what you end up doing with the fabric.