It's over.
And I feel like a whiny wimp.
The procedure itself was NOT bad at all.
But dinner the night before?

Bad. Very very VERY bad.
I think I now know every little scratch on my bathroom wall.
Every ding in my bathtub.
And I TRULY appreciate the value of
quilted toilet paper.
Jameson was just thrilled about the whole thing.
Can't you tell?
They found a few things,
but won't have all the results till next week.
The end.

No pun intended.


Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

I'm so glad you survived the AWFUL prep! It's much much worse than the actual procedure. I was throwing up at the same time I was...you know...every time. Such fun. I was worried about you, so I'm glad you've gotten through it :)

Nicole *Ü* said...

ROFL Nice!! Hope the results are good news!