I'm a 'worry wart'.
I worry about the most mundane things.
And I worry about important things too of course.
Unfortunately I suffer, (I don't like that word), from mild anxiety.
So even the littlest things, or things I have zero control over, I will loose sleep over.

Today I've got a big one on my mind.


Will she always have the things she needs?
Will she continue to be healthy?
Will she do drugs or drink, or get pregnant before she's married?
Will she have problems getting pregnant once she's married?
Will she marry a nice man?

And on and on and on.....

But this is where faith comes in.
I can teach her, love her, help her.
But the choices are up to her.

All I can do is my best.

*I love this picture because it captured a genuine mother's concern for her children during a very difficult time.


peckette said...

Don't worry! Be happy! It is a moms job to worry about her kids, everything will be fine and she will be a beautiful smart little girl!

Jenny said...

Ditto on this post, but I tuned in today to see if you had part 7 posted yet. When is it coming? I'm getting real anxious about it.