Cuz It's Fun.

So my birthday is slowly approaching.
My 28th birthday.
two years away from 30.
There are the things you ask for, for your birthday.
Then there are the things you don't ask for, because they just aren't reality.
But it sure is fun to make a dream list.
Mine is as follows:

ANY piece of the new Lilac Crueset Collection.
I dream of it often.
The Nikon D5000. Gives me chills EVERY time I see one. Hold one. Think of one.
I want.
Very Badly.
The Cricut Expressions.
My scrapbook world would be so amazing with this little contraption.
This hat from Anthropologie.
When I saw it, it actually screamed my name.
This vintage necklace, also from Anthropologie.
It's in on it with the hat in the whole screaming my name plot.

May 26th folks.

Start saving.


Melanie and Steve Barnes said...

Hey, so guess what? Wanna know just another reason why we really are kindred spirits? My birthday is on the day after yours. The 27th. Only I turn 27, not 28, so there. I win. Oh, and p.s., did you know that you're my favorite blogger ever? 'Tis true.

Nicole *Ü* said...

I'll say it again...you JUST got a BRAND-NEW camera!!! LOL However, the purple cookware is very cute. Sadly, I won't be able to give you anything on your wish list. LOL