This And That Today...

*I was wondering if Mother Nature like messing with us. Ya know, giving us a week or so of nice weather then dumping some snow? Do you think she has fun with it? I can't blame her, I know I probably would if I could control the weather. But anyway.

*Today I got to spend the day with Jessica and her girls. It was fun to laugh with an adult again. I miss her.

*Could you imagine getting to the end of your life and having no friends or family? No one who cares about you? Calls to see how you are doing? To be there with you when you cross through the veil?

*My little girl is amazing.

*The winds of change are blowing in my house.

*My Grandma in California is selling her house and moving to Utah. I'm so excited, but wonder if she's sad to leave her life in Sun City behind?

*Tomorrow I get to see my firstborn for the first time since she was 18 months old. The night before I have something big like this the next day I always worry that I'm going to get sick or something. Anxiety pills are needed. I take anti anxiety meds, did you know that?

*My toes are freezing.


Nicole *Ü* said...

Interesting musings. I meant to ask you how it went today, but I turned around and you were gone and then you don't answer your phone!!

Mother Nature is laughing hysterically and it's not nice. LOL

My toes are freezing too!!

peckette said...