Just In Case You're Interested Cali pt.1

We are home from our little family vacation.
And we already want to go back.
People who say you need a vacation from your vacation aren't kidding.
So we left late Sunday night, (long road trips go a little smoother when Blythe is sleeping), and arrived at my Grandma's house early Monday morning.
After a quick nap and some lunch with Grandma we left for Anaheim.
When we got there we checked into our hotel, then had a yummy dinner at Benihana's.
I love how kid friendly they are!
Blythe got a little kids "Shirley Temple" with her meal.
And of course since it's right across the street from Disneyland
She lovah's the rice!
I made sure that they sang to Jameson for his bday cuz I know how much he loves it! He even got a little dragon made of pineapple.
When it comes to ice cream a spoon for both hands is crucial.
We walked around Dowtown Disney after dinner and hit the candy store, Blythe was in heaven with this huge sucker. They had so many cute things in there.

I dunno, is it stupid to post pics of your vacation?
Shall I go on?


Heather said...

GO ON!!! love seeing pics of vacations!!! And did I mention how Big and adorable Blythe is....she looks SO grown up now!

jonn said...


Hales Family said...

I love pictures! Especially of Disneyland. How else am I to live vicariously through you? LOL

Nicole *Ü* said...

Looks awesome!! I think I want to go to Benihana or Tepanyaki now for my birthday, or sooner!!! LOL What exactly is a Shirley Temple? It looks yummy with the cherries in that cup. LOL