Smells. Smelly Smells that Smell.

Have you ever caught a whiff of something and it instantly triggers a memory?
I think it's so crazy how our brain works and how it links smells to memory.
So in this random train of thought I've had, I decided to list a few smells that trigger memories for me.
Once again, this is JUST IN CASE you're interested.

Weird huh?
And of course, each one has it's own story.
What are some of your triggers?

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Hales Family said...

Most of the smells that remind me of certain periods of time, are painful memories. BUT, there are lots of things that remind me of people. Like, Cucumber Melon B&B Works reminds me of CJ, Strawberry Sweetie Scentsy reminds me of my daughter, Cheerios remind me of my aunt, and Biolage reminds me of my grandma.

I have SOOO many scents that remind me of things. I'm glad I'm not the only one. =)