Last Night I Made These...

Oh man.
They were my last baking hurrah before my 'plan' begins Monday.
But let me just tell you how yummy they are!
And how easy they are to make!
I got the recipe here.
Bakerella really knows her stuff.
I covet her creativeness.

Have you noticed that people are getting pregnant right and left?
Eleven people that I know have gotten pregnant in the last three months.
It's something in the water I tell ya!
And I couldn't be happier for all of them.
Babies are awesome.

Things are changing here in the Morrill household.
But the process is so slow and I don't want to say anything until it happens.
But is has to do with this.
Details to come.
Soon I hope.

This morning Blythe and I snuggle on the couch and looked at pictures from when she was a baby.
She laughed and talked to her baby self.
I smelled the top of her head.
The scent has changed, but it's still magical.

I wish my lilacs would bloom already.
But I'm so grateful for this warmer weather.

Happy Sunday.


Michelle said...

So--I saw that post on bakerella and thought it was a definite MUST TRY. Glad to hear they were a success!
Did you know Dorothy's birthday is this month, too?
And there was something else I was thinking of to tell you and can't remember! Hopefully we can chat soon.
Even though you know 11 other pregnant people, you can't add me to the list! 11 to 1?

Lisa said...

i was raised on congo squares actually (among many other treats). they always hit the spot-especially warm with vanilla ice cream. yum.

Nicole *Ü* said...

Oh my gosh that was so dang yummy last night. But you only shared ONE with me?? come on!! LOL OK, since I now have the recipe I will just have to bake some myself! :D