today i'm going to talk about my child...

She amazes me every day.
Every. Single. Day.
She's funny. Smart. A total flirt. Gorgeous. Talented. Creative.

Yesterday we were waiting in line in the post office and I looked down to see her saying the name of each letter on the sign she was standing by.

The other day my mom was back in the freezer room and Blythe ran around the corner and hid and when my mom came out she jumped out and yelled 'BOO' and scared her to death. And Blythe just laughed and laughed.

Blythe has been learning 'emotion' words, and her two favorites are 'happy' and 'mad'. So the other day she was having trouble putting some blocks together, so she stormed out into the hall and sat down on her little plastic chair. I followed her out to put something away and when I asked her if she was okay, she sighs really loudly and says, "MOM, I'm mad!"

Oh I'm so lucky.

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