Surgery. Again. DooDah-DooDah.

guess what?
I used to be a pretty healthy person.
Really, it's true.
But then I had my first baby, and my body just fell apart.
In the past five years I've had five surgeries.
That's a lot to me.

And guess what?
Yes, we are playing a guessing game today.

I'm having surgery again!
Gotta have the bone in my heel fixed.
But it's okay for the following reasons:
1. It's an excuse to take a nap.
2. I get to nap.
3. I'll get to sleep all weekend.
4. There is napping involed.
5. Sleeping is encouraged.

AND....just in case you weren't already so excited to hear about my surgery, next week, I'll blog all about it!
No seriously.

Pictures included.

How you ask?

Well, my surgeon also happens to be my father and
he's letting me take my camera in the O.R.
and teach one of the nurses to use it so she,
(OR HE, let's not be sexist now), take pictures of it all.
Pictures of my tendon and bone.
Surgeons, nurses.

Should be fun right?

Well, I'm off to not eat anything after midnight.

See you soon!!!

1 comment:

Janet B. said...

I hope all went well. Not looking forward to the photos!