For Your Inspirational Enjoyment...

So there's this blog that I read.
It's called CJane Run, she's NieNie's sister.
If you haven't ever checked out either blog,
I highly recommend them.
CJane had a guest blogger,
and let me just tell you, WOW.
I was so inspired.
God sure knows what he's doing when he picks
who gets to raise these special ones.
I simply don't know if I would be strong enough.

Just in case you don't want to blog hop just go straight there.

I'm officially a Piper fan.

And I know you will be too.

1 comment:

Becki D said...

Me too. Found Reagan n Piper thru CJane as well - instantly fell in love!

Coincidentally, I found you through Reagan....ahh the tangledy ways of the Interwebs. :-)

Love your intro, btw - housework definitely is NOT in my list of hobbies, either!