These Days.

At this very moment in time we've been blessed with a summer thunderstorm. I have my front door open so I can smell the fresh rain. Yum. Lovin' the thunder too.
See this sweet man:
He's my Dad.
This last Thursday he almost lost his life.
He was in Seattle for a conference, and was alone in his hotel room when he had a stroke.
If my mom hadn't found him when she did, we'd have lost him.
He was within a half hour of death.
It sounds a little dramatic, but that's how it was.
So close that I still makes me sick to my stomach to think about.
Tomorrow he will have been in the hospital for a week.
But it's slow.
Yesterday I hung out with Jessica who's been my friend for 14 years.
My best friend.
We sat on the couch on watched our children play together and reminisced about how we used to sit on the same exact couch and watch scary movies and plan our weddings during our many sleep overs years ago.
It's funny how our lives have turned out and the things we've learned, and how fast time has passed.
Last week I took Blythe to play in the fountain at the Gateway.
She wasn't too interested.
She was however:
extremely interested in posing on the stairs for pictures.
Potty training is a nightmare, so we are taking a break for a week or so.
This makes me smile
Blythe had her first dance class on Monday.
She did so good! And I'm convinced she's a natural.
And as usual, thanks for taking a minute to stop by and read my thoughts :)
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peckette said...

I loved hanging out together again! That was so fun!

The Cunningham Clan said...

I am soo sorry about your dad. I hope it can be a quick recovery.

What dance studio do you guys go to?

liza said...

Melissa, we are sorry to hear about your sweet Dad. Please give our best to your family. We pray for a swift and complete recovery. All our love, Widmier's

Joni said...

Oh my, how is your dad doing? Love to all the family!