*My oldest. This gorgeous girl right here:
She started kindergarten this week. Her mom and
I were both wringing our hands all day.
But I know she did awesome.

*My Dad is doing well, still in the rehab center,
but getting stronger everyday and will hopefully
get to come home soon. Pray for him.

*It's the end of the summer which means
almost the end of the Farmer's Market.
I will miss the yummy produce and shaved ice.
Check out my latest finds:

*Finished Hunger Games. Now onto Catching Fire,
but not until I clean my house.
Jameson is taking Blythe to the Children's Museum
today so I can do just that without having to stop every ten minutes.

*I think my hubby is awesome.

*Did I mention it's 5am?
I think I'll go take an allergy pill.
And maybe start the laundry.

Or Catching Fire.

We'll see.

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