Changes. Oh The Changes.

Okay then.
This is not a "please pity me" post.
This is a "to inform" post.
On Friday, my sweet was husband was
diagnosed with Spinal Osteoarthritis.
And his scans also showed the beginning of MS.
Devastating to our little family because as most of
you know, Jameson was looking forward
to a career as an aviator in the US Navy.
Well that is no longer possible because of the toll
this disease has/will on his poor body.
And the Navy sort of frowns upon 'degerative' diseases.
Oh, and MS too.
Along with having his dreams, 'dashed',
if you will, he is in an incredible amount of pain.
And now has to be heavily medicated just to stand being out of bed.
Oh, and just in case this wasn't awesome enough,
last night he lost his job.



Look at this funny pic of Blythe:

So now our plans have changed.
There's a little bump in the road.
I'll be going back to work full time.
Sigh. I'll miss my girl.
But ya gotta do, what ya gotta do.
Jameson is going to start seeing some specialists
and come up with a treatment plan.
And hopefully find a part time job.
Oh and start school.

That's where we are now. Things change. We adapt.

And pray a lot.

And sometimes cry.

Double Stuff Oreos are also involved.


Jessa Smith said...

I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do - let me know.

Jessa Smith said...

I'm so sorry. If there's anything I can do - let me know.

peckette said...

Are you kidding me! I am sooo sorry! If there is anything you need, please let me know!

Snow Family said...

Oh my goodness!!! I am so so sorry!! Please, please let me know if I can do anything for you guys! And don't worry about sending me that giftcard... keep it for yourselves! Seriously!

Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

Mel I love you so much! I will keep your family in my prayers. If you need ANYTHING, please please call me.

Nicole *Ü* said...

Double Stuft Oreos, huh? I may have to come snag them away from you for myself. ;) (((HUGS)))

Remieres said...

They have seriously cured MS over in Italy and are selecting candidates for the procedure.

Anonymous said...

Wow, talk about changes and difficulties! If you need anything, let us know. Maybe Jameson/Blythe can have play dates with Ben/Hanna.

Laci, Jonn and Kaden said...

oh man melissa!! You are going through so much right now!!! I feel so bad!! If you need anything please call me!! I can bring dinners or babysit!! Dont be shy!!! love you guys!!!

Lisa said...

so sorry, melissa. i'm thinking about you and would love to help out any way i could.