Some Favorites.

Because I have a cold.
Because we've been going through some struggles.
Because I'm out of Kleenex.
And simply because I can....
I thought I'd talk about some of my favorite things today.
Because there's nothing better to
talk about than your favorite things right?

First up, Jamba Juice Banana Oatmeal.

Yum. O.
It's made with three different grains, and soy milk,
and topped with brown sugar crumble and fresh banana slices.
It's $2.34 for a little under two cups, and is simply divine.
Try it. You'll like it.

Next, Ajax with Bleach.
Rocks my world.
I love to scrub my sink with this stuff and the smell just screams clean.
Love love love it.

Then there's these little Disney Princesses from Target.
They come with little rubber clothes, and keep Blythe busy for hours.
Plus they aren't took expensive either,
so I've been able to use them as potty training incentive.

And last for today, but not least.
This delightful movie.
We have been watching about once a day this
past month and it makes me laugh every time,
and Blythe loves to sing the songs. Props to Disney.

Well, that's it's for now.
I'm going to go blow my nose again.
In toilet paper.
It's not soft.

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Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

I must try that oatmeal! Thanks for that little discovery! And we also loves those princesses and that movie! I think our girls need to play!