Just This Once.

Hello again friends.
I apologize for the lack of posts,
busy week.
New job and all.
Oh, speaking of new jobs...
can I take a second and brag about mine?
Just this once?
Okay here we go.
I work for an awesome company
I do customer service for their
machines, i.e. The Cricut.
This is my desk and the lovely
hardware that gets to hang out on it:

And my view:

And just an example of things
I get to work on while I take calls:
(I made it, cute huh?)
I'm so very blessed.
This job gives me a new energy that
I haven't had in a long time.
This sounds dorky, but I feel like a new woman.
SO blessed.
Oh, and have I told you how
awesome this one has been?

She was so flexible this week and didn't give me a hard time about leaving her at all. I needed
to know that she was okay,
and she helped me out immensely in that department.
Also, let this be a shout out
to all my awesome peeps who helped me out this week by watching the 'B'.
Couldn't have made it through
without knowing my angel was safe with you!

Seven Days To Cali.

That's Right.

Turkey In The Sun.


1 comment:

deb0318 said...

So happy the job is working out for you. It was a good company to work for and I miss it. The commute to Spanish Fork everyday was killing me, though. Now that it's closer and I'm looking for a job I may have to reconsider.