Ten Things This Wednesday.

1. I know this is my blog and therefore I shouldn't feel bad about my lack of posts these days, but I do. So to my devoted readers I apologize. Between new job, my vacation, and a severe case of writers block, my poor little blog has in turn suffered.

2. I am currently in the great state of California for Turkey Day. It's chilly here. But there is family here which makes me warm on the inside so that counts right?

3. Why does Utah not have a Trader Joes?

4. My little girl is going to be three in a matter of days and I'm afraid if I blink I'll be helping her pick out her dress for the Sr. Prom.

5. This morning I found more grey hairs than usual. Sigh. I guess I should just embrace it. Maybe tomorrow.

6. Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat.

7. I'm thinking about my service project for the year, and am getting very excited about it.

8. Premade refridgerated pie crusts are Godsend.

9. I'm so grateful for the new Dawn. (makes sense to me)

10. Here's to hoping for more posts yeah?

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