Chritmas time Is Here....Da Da Da DaDa....

Did you know that I used to detest the Christmas season?
There was about a six year period there where I wanted nothing to do with it.
And then I met Jameson.
And he helped me to love it again.
Does that sound lame?

Well, anyway.

Turns out Christmas, rocks ten times more when you have kids.
I have had so much fun with Blythe this year and she's loved all the different things that we've done to get in the Christmas spirit.
Here's our semi-professional gingerbread house.

Our semi-professional at work.
The BEST holiday candy ever.
My favorite ornament of all time.
Putting up the star.
Blythe looks thrilled right?
She loved decorating the tree.
(And has done so many times since.)
There is a different feeling in the air this time of year. And in the midst of all the running about to get my shopping done and get my house ready for the holiday, I'm trying to stay focused on the true meaning of the season. It's about love. And serving your fellow man. Please keep in mind the food banks, and homeless shelters and countless charities that could use a few extra dollars this year. With the economy being in the shape it's in, many are suffering and it's so important to count your blessings.
Do I sound like I'm preaching?
I don't mean to.
Just sayin' what I'm thinking.
I'm notorious for that.

Jingle Bells.


Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

Mel, I have to say, you have once again inspired me.

Anonymous said...

jingle newman...jingle newman....jingle all the way