Oh Sadness.

My heart is broken.
As you all know I'm HUGE into scrapbooking.
And friends, the center of my scrapbooking world is closing their doors.
This is another example of what happens when we forget about the locals.
I can't say 'Always BUy Local' because
I'm guilty of supporting the big chains myself.
But this is a family owned store that has been
open for 13 years and now has to close
because the big chains took over.
Just makes me sad.
Heartland Paper, though you've taken
me from my family for endless hours of
wandering, and I don't know
how many dollars later.....how you will be missed.

Buy Local.
Let's try.


Anonymous said...

hi! its melissa i talked to you today at provocraft love your blog how do i follow it???
Merry Christmas prayers are with you
the other Melissa

creativeprincess said...

There was the most awesome scrapbook store ever in my town and it closed a couple years ago....up until 2 months ago all I had was Walmart or an hour drive to Michaels but hey Michaels is now in the Valley but I still miss Too Much Fun! (they even had a neat name!)

PS my blog is http://creativeprincess-homemadehappiness.blogspot.com/

Don't mind the Provo Craft rants ;)