Awesome. Kinda Weird. But Awesome.

Okay, so usually I would keep an experience like this to myself.
But I'm feeling the need to share.
Cuz I do that sometimes.

So recently there have been a few things going on, and since I've moved and my friends aren't really close, and blah blah, I haven't really had anyone to talk to about stuff. You know, girl talk. And I've missed it. I mean I can talk to Jameson and stuff but I just haven't really been able to vent or anything, you know what I'm saying? And I've been constantly praying for an outlet. Just someone I can talk to.

Okay, so, this is going to sound CrAzY.
But, true story.

Last night after a particularly trying day, I went to bed way early. And I had a dream. In this dream I was sitting at a table and sitting across from me was the mother of my first born. (Her 'Adoptive Mom', which I hate saying because she's her mom, hands down, but you get the idea.)
Anyway. I'm sitting at this table across from Vivian's mom and I'm pouring my heart out to her. Telling her everything that's been going on lately, and all the things that I'm stressed and worried about. And she listened very intently, laughing with me, and holding my hand while I cried. She helped me to understand why things were happening. She told me things that I needed to hear and gave me ideas on how to handle some things that have been going on. We just had the conversation I needed.

And then I woke up.
And I felt 100 times better.

I know it sounds crazy, and it's the most random thing. But I'm so very grateful for this dream. And I'm so grateful for Viv's mom and the help she was to me.
Even though she has no idea what she said :)

So Awesome. WAY Weird. But Totally Awesome.


Snow Family said...

Aw! That is awesome!! If you ever need anyone else to talk to.. I'm always here for ya!!

peckette said...

HONEY! please call me whenever you need to talk! I am always here for you, I'm so sorry I live so far away. Love you and hope you are doing good.

Anonymous said...

Melissa, you are an amazing woman! You are always in my heart, you are strong, and beautiful, and the best birth mom on planet earth! Never forget! Love, Liza