Body Image.

Ah, where to begin...
Is this something that you think about?
I do.
For as long as I can remember.
I've always thought I was too big.
And unfortunately up until recently, I'd attached it to my sense of self worth.
Too Fat=Not Good Enough
But now as an adult I know that just isn't so.
Yes I'm overweight, and as a result unhealthy.
But guess what, I'm still awesome.
Hope so.
The other day I was browsing a catalog when I came across this ad:

Love it.
But maintaining a good sense of self worth is way easier said than done.
For the past 28, gulp, years I've trained myself to believe that worth is measured inside and out.
It's just not so.

So this is what I'm working on this year.
Along with getting healthy, meaning, moving more and eating better, I'm trying to change my habit of attaching my self worth with my weight.

Am I making sense?

Do I ever?



Joni said...

Inspired! You are awesome...

Jessa Smith said...

Makes perfect sense - what an awesome goal! I think a lot of us do that - base our worth on appearance. I love that ad too!

peckette said...

I love that! I know tons of people who loose the weight they think is holding them back from being happy and then they loose it and are still miserable! Why not do it in reverse, get happy and then feel better about yourself, then I think the better you feel about yourself the heathier you become inside and out. Love you!

Lesley said...

I think you got it figured out! I love it. I am working on the same thing my friend! Good luck! Miss ya!