A Love Letter.

Dear Blythe,
I missed you every second of today.
I kept looking at the clock counting down the minutes until I could get home and kiss your cheeks.
When I came home you ran to the door so happy to see me.
You had dressed yourself this morning in your Barbie shirt, your pink and red striped skort, and your pink sweats that are just a little too short for you.
I love that you pick our your own outfits.
After dinner you and me went on a date to the library.
You walked around and picked out your books.
Picked up the pictures to take home and color.
Pulled out your cell phone and 'talked' to your friends.
Stopped for a potty break.
And helped Mom check out the books and put them in the bag.
Afterwards I wasn't quite ready to end our date so we stopped for ice cream.
You said please and thank you, asked for a napkin, and giggled every time ice cream ran down your little fingers.
Then you ran around the play area and made sure that the little boy who kept calling you Martin knew that your name is Blythe.
On the way home we sang songs from The Princess And The Frog and you pointed out all the stop signs.
When we got home I had you go get your jammas and I rubbed lotion on your chapped arms and bum.
You turned around, put your arms around me and told me that you love me.
Little girl, you are my breath of life.
I love you the most.


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Joni said...

Sounds like the best date ever...you deserve it!

Tara said...

This actually brought tears to my eyes! So super sweet!