This week, in my noggin, the word 'fair' has been tossed around quite a bit. And what's odd is that several people in my everyday life have used it quite often recently as well. Did that phrase even make sense?
Quite often recently as well?
Guess what? Life isn't fair.
Stomping my foot like a toddler, "It's not fair!!!!"
It's not fair that people you trust betray you.
It's not fair that sweet mama's loose their babies.
It's not fair that it's been snowing and it's APRIL.
It's not fair that they raised the price of Diet Coke in the vending machines at work.
It's not fair that the dorks who run our country want to stop paying those that defend it.
But guess what else? Along with not being fair, life also goes on.
And for everything that isn't fair, there are fifty things that are.
Gotta stay focused on those.

Today, for a brief window, the sun shone strong, the breeze quit, and I taught Blythe how to catch bubbles after she blew them.

That was fair.

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