Really? I had to of missed something!!

I've been reading this book.
And it's been and easy, somewhat fun, semi emotional, read.
It's about a girl, about 18, who hangs out with the wrong friends, not making good choices, ends up pregnant, moves in with her uber active in the church brother and his wife. Has the baby, gives it up for adoption. Joins the church, marries in the temple. Just a feel good story.

Today during lunch I finished it.
And though to myself, 'well that was nice'.

Then I read the Author's Note.

And it went a little something like this:

"Writing this book was painful for me. From the moment my aunt phoned to ask me to make Suzie someone she could love, I knew I had to take on the challenge. Throughout the writing process, I asked myself many times, Could I give a baby up for adoption if I were in this situation? The answer? Yes. After all the research and all the writing and all the thinking about it, I know that I could. In essence.....I did. Handing Suzie's baby over to Anne and Michael was almost as though I had handed over one of my own children. It was hard. It hurt, but it was the right thing to do."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME????????????

I have read it over and over trying to see if there was something that I missed.
Really, did I miss something?

Oh, and Suzie? She's the girl the book is about. Anne and Michael are the adoptive parents.


zero stars. this book gets ZERO stars.


craig said...

Sometimes it just feels good to throw a book across a room. It feels even better to hear it slam into a wall, and crumple into a heap in the carpet. This book deserves a good hard toss!

Gerritt+Laura= Meagan and Madilynn said...

Wow! When I first started reading this post I thought, hmmm I think I want to read this book. Now...NO WAY! Could her notes be more.... more.....I can't think of the word! Melissa I still think you should write a book. Your book would not be fictional, and you could probably put so much more into it because of that. Also you are just amazing so, therefore it would be an a best seller for sure! I LOVE YOU!!!

Feriz and Cynthia said...

Sounts like:
Brainwashing at it's best!