There's A Hippo In The Bathtub.

What a fun day. Busy. Fun. And a little crazy on the weather front.
Rainy and fuh-reezing this morning.
Sunny and still FUH-reezing this evening.
Now it's dark. Probably still fuhreezing.

FUH. Reezing.

Sound it out.

Someone asked me today what three major historical events occurred in my lifetime.
Interesting question right?
First one that comes to mind is obviously 9/11.
Um, Berlin Wall came down in 1989.
And, 2010 first black president.

We took Blythe to the doctor today for a possible problem with her feet and legs.
Guess what?
They, there were two, said she will grow out of it. She shows great signs that all will be well.
I'm thrilled.

Couldn't you just kiss these faces all day long?
I could.

Fun things are going on at work and the hours seriously fly by. It's a blessing.
I am very blessed and I need to start focusing on those blessings.

Current Obsession:

Yoga Pants.
Yummy Yoga Pants.

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Aaron & Carrie Warnick said...

Those pants are cute! Blythe is getting so big! What a cutie! I am happy they say all will be well. :) I have to agree it has been FUH -REEZING!