Dear 16 Year Old Self....

Start paying attention.
To what?
Everything around you stupid.
Your parents, actually know what they are talking about.
Knowing how your country is run is important.
What that Douglass kid thinks isn't. =)
You have an amazing talent when it comes to music, start taking piano again ok?
And next summer you're going to want to stop the violin.
You'll thank me later.
Stop sluffing classes.
Stay and learn something.
Working hard is a good thing....you should make it a habit.
Put gas in your car. Cars don't run on wishes.
Having a boyfriend isn't everything, date different people, make a lot of friends.
Demand that Jessica stops working at the tanning salon.
Get to know your siblings better.
Continue to take good care of your body, it will turn on you when you get older.
Stop complaining about how thick your hair is....it won't always be like this.
And please, stop doing you know what, because you know what is going to happen, and you will feel pain like you've never imagined.
Choose a good college, swim in college, maybe save money for a car because the Buick won't last forever.
Stop honking for Jess in the morning because the neigbor will become a big part of your life.
Love yourself.
love your family.
And for crying out loud, HANG UP THE PHONE!!!

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