This And That.

Everyday for the past week Blythe asks, "Is it time to go to pre-school yet?"
We're in for a long summer.


I didn't really get Blythe an Easter dress this year, more like an Easter outfit.

And she rocked it.


Remember awhile back when I told you that
our neighbor across the street always left the upstairs window open?
Yesterday it was close.
Kinda creepy if you ask me.


This little lady showed up in our community about a week ago:

She's all alone and I'm pretty sure she's lost.
I offered her a meal and a warm place to sleep but alas, she did not accept.
I can't help her if she doesn't want to help herself.


I've been doing some serious crafting and
can't wait to show you all the things I've made.
I have craft paint on my hands and it's delightful.

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The Cunningham Clan said...

Her outfit is absolutely adorable. I love it and yes, she does ROCK it!