Dance And Burns.

On Wednesday afternoon Blythe had her first dance class!
And friends, let me tell you, the girl is a natural!
She just jumped right in and was totally in her element.

I am thrilled that I found this dance studio! The teacher is amazing and so good with these kids. When it was over Blythe was putting her shoes on and said, "Mom, this was the best thing ever!"

If only that happiness would last.

When we got home Blythe was so excited to tell her Dad, who has just arrived home before us, all about her new dance class.
I pulled in the driveway next to Jameson's motorcycle, got out of the car and helped Blythe out as well.
As we were walking up the driveway I had my back turned to Blythe when all of the sudden she began to scream. I turned around just in time to see her pulling her arm away from Jameson's muffler. From what I can tell she wasn't watching where she was going and walked right into it, burning her arm.
She screamed for a good hour and would not let me look at it or put anything on it.
After a little bit, I got her to let me look at it, and it had already blistered and was turning white. My gut was telling me that I needed to take her to the ER.
So we hopped in the car and headed to Primary Childrens.
She was SO brave. She had stopped crying by the time we arrived and she showed the nurse and the doctor her arm with no problems.
She didn't even cry when they put cream on it and wrapped it up.
It turns out that it was second degree on the edge and third degree in the middle, so it was a good thing that we went up so they could get antibiotic cream on it to prevent infection.
It's looking much better these days and I'm so glad that it wasn't any worse.

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