I've been hearing the questions, "where were you" a lot today so I thought I'd share where I was ten years ago on the horrible day.
I was living at home and beginning my second year of college. I didn't have class that day so I was attempting to sleep in when my mom came in, flipped on my light, and told me that I needed to come watch the t.v.
I groaned, thinking she was showing me something dumb about the Olympics or some church history thing or something. But I was shocked when I got up to her room and saw the top of "Building One" on fire.
My first thought was, "How are they going to fix that?". At this time the news was reporting that it was a small plane that had hit. I kept wondering how on earth a plane, no matter the size, could miss a building that big. As time went on, the reports of a commercial airliner started coming in.
A little while later I stood up to go back to bed when the second plane hit "Building Two". I yelled at my mom to come out of the bathroom and my Dad simply said, "This is no accident."
For the rest of the day I was glued to the tv. I had to work that evening and at the time I was working at a hotel and we were completely full because air traffic. I surprised because most guests had come down from their rooms and were crowded around the tv in the lobby. People had their arms around each other, getting coffee for each other, and those who had cell phones were letting others use them to call their families because a lot of people were stranded.
The mood everywhere was so solemn. For days after even, and it was all anyone talked about.
I'll never forget that day. The images I saw, and the feelings I felt.
It was that day that I truly knew what it was to be an American.

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