It's Just Another Manic Monday.

Today we stayed home from school because Blythe has a little cold.
A little cold that I don't want to turn into a big cold.
So she watched movies and ate more fruit snacks that she probably should have.
But sometimes, we just need more fruit snacks.

This morning I woke up and felt strongly that I needed to preform a random act of kindness today. So I did. And friends, it felt SO SO good. Seriously, who needs drugs when there is service?!?! (I'm not doing drugs, it was an analogy.)

Look at Blythe a year ago:
Where did my baby go?

A lot of my friends are pregnant, along with some women in my ward. It's hard not to be super jealous and want to distance myself. I'm aching for another little one. But I know that it will happen somehow when the time is right. And I'm focusing all my energy on being the best Mama I can to my little princess.

I love this weather.

That's all.

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Hales Family said...

You're little Blythe is amazing. I know the ache of wanting another one oh, so well. If you need to vent, you can call me anytime. Oh, and I cut hair, too. :)